Friday, October 24, 2014

Replacing air-cond compressor - Ford Focus

Problem: This car air-cond is found warm three days ago. The air-cond compressor is not working.

Solution: Air-cond compressor has been replaced. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Replacing air-cond compressor - Chevrolet Aveo

Problem: This car air-cond is found less cold though changed its drier and conduct a normal service 2 days ago.

Solution: Air-cond compressor has been replaced after chemical flushing is done to ensure the system cleanliness. 

This Chevrolet Aveo was on its second visit and decided to replace the faulty part - air-cond compressor
This old air-cond compressor - Chevrolet Aveo was found leaked
Just dismantled the old air-cond compressor from this Chevrolet Aveo
New unit of air-cond compressor - Chevrolet Aveo

Monday, September 22, 2014

Air-cond full service on Toyota Innova

Problem: The owner of this car found the air-flow is slow and the rear air-cond unit is not cold. 

Solution: Full air-cond service is conducted on both front and rear air-cond system. Few air-cond parts have been replaced, e.g. front cooling coil & valves, rear cooling coil & valves, air-cond cabin filter and receiver drier.

Toyota Innova is having its air-cond service & cleaning
Dashboard is dismantled in order to take out the front air-cond cooling coil and conduct the cleaning job
Old air-cond parts are removed from Toyota Innova
Air-cond cabin filter is full of dust and blocked the air-flow
The air-cond casing is covered with dust & dirts
Dust & dirts is required to be removed and cleaned
The front cooling coil is covered by dust and a leaf
The rear cooling coil is covered by dust
The rear air-cond unit is dismantled from the Toyota Innova
New cooling coil & expansion valve are going to replace the old units

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Air-cond Service & Replacing Coil on a Mercedes Benz E240 W210

Casing together with the cooling coil has been removed from the Benz

Dashboard has been dismantled in order to conduct air-cond internal cleaning service & replace its coil

The new cooling coil is placed into the water to check its condition

The casing needs to be cleaned before installed back to the Benz

Monday, April 21, 2014

Doing air-cond service on a Toyota Corolla SEG AE101 car vehicle

This the car
A new cooling coil is going to replace the old ones
The drawer needs to be removed to dismantle the cooling coil
The aircond internal parts has been cleaned and installed back onto the car
A rear view on the car vehicle

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Replacing an Air-cond Cooling Coil on Volvo 940

Air-cond evaporator / cooling coil - Volvo 940

Dashboard is required to be removed when replacing the Volvo's air-cond cooling coil   

Replacing an air-cond evaporator / cooling coil of Volvo 940

This is the car